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Dispensation Policy

The policy printed below for Dispensations for Co-ed Slowpitch Nationals was passed at the BSF AGM. Any team that wishes to apply for dispensations for this year’s Nationals must submit a request by e-mail no later than two weeks prior to the tournament in question.

Please submit requests to BSF Tournament Officer – Liz Graham.

Qualification Requirements

  • League Nationals – 4 league games for the relevant team
  • NSL Nationals – 4 tournament playing days, 2 of which are NSL league play for the relevant team

Dispensations for Eligibility

Dispensations will normally be given for:

  • Players who were injured during part of the season and therefore have not played in the required number of games, but who were rostered to the team when the injury occurred and have not played for any other team during the season.
  • Players who have completed part of the season before moving abroad but who were rostered to the team before 1st June, who have played on at least two dates with the team and have not played for any other team during the season.
  • Players who have been part of GB Senior or Junior Fastpitch squads during the season in question, provided they have fulfilled their training and competition obligations to the team. These obligations will be agreed with Team Managers before the season and verified before the Nationals. This exemption would also apply to coaches and managers on these squads.

Dispensations will not be given for:

  • Players who have lived abroad for the entire season.

Dispensations for Replacement Players

A replacement player is a player who can be recruited when a team suffers a last minute pull-out, to enable the team to compete.

Replacement players must be members of the same team’s roster if possible, or from another team in the same league/level of play and approved by the relevant League Head. Replacement players are allowed for:

  • Player unavailability due to unexpected work commitments.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Injuries that have occurred in the six weeks prior to a tournament.
  • Bereavement.

Dispensations Procedures

Dispensations must be requested no later than three weeks prior to the tournament. The BSF Executive Committee (or a Dispensations Sub-Committee) will consider dispensation requests.

Dispensation requests for replacements players submitted after the three-week deadline will be considered only where the events leading to the request occur after the deadline.

Limits and Caveats

Limits: A team can only apply for a maximum of two dispensations per tournament. Under very exceptional circumstances we may allow 3 if its to have enough players to actually play the event.

This is NOT a target number and we will only permit the number of dispensations to equal the min number of players in order for a team to play.

Caveat: This list is not intended to be exhaustive. The BSF Executive reserves the right to extend or waive one or more of the above rules in exceptional circumstances.